The Business


Hello Everyone,

I’m the founder of Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, a company that produces and sells The Loaded-Vegan and The Dark-Berry Vegan with everyday people in mind. Since 2011, we have satisfied thousands of customers with the perfect kind of dessert, one that keeps people feeling great about their bodies and the food they eat. When I first set out to design the look and taste of the quintessential vegan cookie, I focused on creating a dessert that could meet the challenge of being healthy, artful and delicious. Holy smokes Batman! How can healthy and delicious be a perfect match? Well, this rebel formula is what we call at Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies “A Guilt Free Indulgence.” The Loaded Vegan and the Dark-Berry Vegan satisfy the sweetest of pallets, while providing an introduction to the dynamic world of vegan foods.


After graduating from Howard University, School of Business I received an opportunity to work for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington as a Program Manager. I worked at Microsoft for 2 1/2 years before returning to Chicago, and becoming a technology instructor at a Chicago technology charter school. After teaching Information Technology to 9th & 10th grade students, I became the Community Organizer for Chicago’s South side Auburn Gresham neighborhood. 


During my time as a Community Organizer, my focus was health and technology policy. I initiated a healthy lifestyles campaign in partnership with UIC (University of Illinois- Chicago) across Chicago’s south side neighborhoods, providing residents access to onsite nutritionist with classroom instruction. The outcomes were positive. Residents took control of their health, by incorporating plant strong (vegetarian/vegan) foods into their daily lifestyles.  

In 2011 I launched Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies to satisfy vegan and non-vegans taste buds, with a pleasurable experience of a healthy and great tasting dessert alternative that provided A Guilt Free Indulgence. My goal was to create a vegan cookie, that satisfied the sweetest of pallets, while still provided a healthy introduction to the world of vegan foods. Establishing Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies became my way to connect with the many women, men and youth I worked with, lived with, and learned from in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood.


I begin my introduction as owner of Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, in 2011 at the 79th Street Renaissance Festival, where we sold out of 95 containers of The Loaded-Vegan in less than 4 hours. From that point on the rest is history.


Since 2011 Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies has satisfied thousands of customers with A Guilt Free Indulgence.We have had the opportunity to provide our product to select Chicago Walgreens locations, Artizone.com, WholeFoods, and Chicago’s HydePark Farmers Market.


Professional Career

Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, LLC | Founder 

Facilitate the growth, operations, and implementation of Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies to online, wholesale, and retail consumer market in U.S.
Department of Innovation & Technology | IT Project Manager
DoIT | City of Chicago
Microsoft Corporation | Program Manager
Seattle, Washington {Main Campus}


Howard University, Washington D.C.
Business/Information Systems & Decision Sciences

University of Rhode Island, Kingston Rhode Island
Nonviolence Peace Studies
University of Chicago, Chicago Illinois
Public Policy Studies- Health & Technology